Current Favourites


Finally after a rather busy start to the year, i finally have chance to sit and commit time to writing a blog post. With only one, yes one blog post written this year, i feel i have neglected this part of my life that i so enjoyed.

From the moment 2015 kicked off, i have been ill. Whether it be sinusitis, a urinary tract infection (too much info?!?), the worst flu i have ever known, then my sacroiliac joint played havoc and migraines, which seem to be a more common occurrence of late, something that i hope will settle. If anyone suffers with migraines, you will feel my pain. (I may even do a blog post on triggers and how to deal with an attack). Lets just say, paracetamol and ibuprofen have become my best friends and allies (so much that they almost made it into this fav’s blog post!) this year but i am hoping that i have had my fair share  already of illness’ and that the coming months will be healthy.

So on to the favourites (lets just face it, thats why your reading)

I don’t purchase enough new products every month (although i would love to go crazy in Boots every month, my bank balance would not appreciate such things),  but i am hoping to do a current favourite’s maybe every 3-4 months.

Soap and glory – Clean girls body wash.


I featured soap and glory body washes in my last haul post and they didn’t disappoint. They are expensive for a body wash but they last well over a month (i’d even go as far to say they last almost 2 months) so you defiantly get your moneys worth.

Garnier Ultimate blends, Shampoo and conditioners


Over the winter months i was becoming fed up and frustrated with my hair. I have blonde ombre’d highlights, so i expect the ends to be slightly damaged and to need more attention. But whatever i used was in vain, my hair would feel silky soft for about two hours and then it would turn into a frizzy mess that i would just shove it into a ponytail and attempt to ignore . I was desperate to find my hair miracle. Along came these beauties. The Garnier Ultimate blends come in various forms and concoctions depending on what you require, whether it be for coloured hair, weak, brittle hair, split ends or like me a frizzy mess. I have tried several and each have delivered in achieving sleek shiny hair that feels conditioned. I will be sticking with this little treasure for a long time, and my cupboards are already stocked up.

Garnier Ultimate Blends- The marvellous glow oil


This has been the only hair oil that I enjoy using on my hair. I think the main reason why I like it so much is that’s it’s a pump dispenser, making it much more easier to control the amount you need. Other oils I have used have just been a case of tipping out and hoping half the bottle doesn’t come flying out.

After towel drying my hair, I pump 1-2 times onto my palm, rub between both hands and spread evenly through the length of my hair.  I really notice if I don’t use this, as it definitely makes my hair feel so such more smoother and look sleeker.

Chanel-Soleil tan de Chanel -Sheer illuminating fluid- sunkissed.

P1030387 P1030385

I was gifted this by a friend a few years ago for a birthday and tended to only use it for special occasions mixed in with my foundation or whilst on holiday to give me that extra holiday glow.  But I have found myself reaching for it a bit more often recently due to the nice spring weather we have been experiencing and wanting to freshen up my make up routine/look.

Dove Original Anti-perspirant


I have for some years, had really dry arm pits that had an uneven colour to them and I put this down to dryness. I have always used spray Anti-perspirant but this year I was determined to keep my armpits nourished and moisturised as they had started to become sore and cracked. So far, using a moisturising roll- on deodorant seems to be doing the job.

Urban Decay, potion primer in Sin


I have been loving this primer to create a quick eye look. Just a little bit of this all over the lid, a soft matte or shimmery brown through the crease, blend out and done. As simple as that but creates a look that appears a lot of time and effort has gone into creating.

Bourjois Rouge edition velvet- Nude-ist

I was completely sold on the first one of these i bought but the dramatic red wasn’t very wearable for everyday life, so had a look at their range for a more neutral, everyday shade.  I wear this colour practically everyday without fail and it compliments and completes any outfit and make up look. The staying power; as with the red, is great and survives through several cups of tea and food.

Revlon just bitten kissable lip balm stain-Honey

Whoa, what a mouth full! This is much loved as you can tell by the lack of writing on the packaging! I have been wearing this whenever i don’t wear my Bourjois Rouge Edition. It is so moisturising and keeps my lips feeling soft all day.


My three hand care saviours


My job requires me to wash my hands more times then you would probably care to imagine and deal with chemicals that are drying and not so skin friendly.
My poor hands and nails take a beating, so I need a hand moisturiser that isn’t greasy or thick and leaves my hands feeling soft and supple.

He are my three hand care saviours.

Soap and glory- The Righteous Butter
Now you may say, this isn’t a hand cream. You are right, but I think it does just a good a job, it’s my go to hand cream for regular general daily use. The light creamy texture containing shea butter and aloe Vera, sinks perfectly into skin. The scent is also non offensive and subtle. This 300ml tub cost £10.50 from boots but lasts forever and even better, it doubles up as a body moisturiser! Two birds, one stone and all that jazz!!


Soap and glory- Hand food
This is my on the go, hand bag cream. This comes in a 50 ml at £2.50 or a larger version, 125 ml at £5.50. It contain Shea butter, macadamia oil and marshmallow. Not sure what exactly the marshmallow has go to do with is moisturising benefits but it works, a non greasy, light feel that leaves no residue.


The Body Shop- Hemp hand protector
This is my holy grail of hand creams. It’s a heavy duty cream that i use about once a day, usually I’m the evenings, sometimes more in the winter months and when my nails aren’t feeling particularly strong.
I started growing my nails about 3 years ago after a lifetime of biting them (horrible habit, I know), and they were constantly breaking and peeling but as soon as i started using this cream, within a week, they were so much stronger, healthier and longer.
I am going to admit, the smell isn’t for everyone but I don’t mind and actually quite like it, and I think it’s worth compromising for such healthy hands and nails.
This 100ml tube costs £10 but again lasts forever as you hardly need any on each application, or they do a handy hand bag version for £5. During the festive season, they also so gift sets containing other hemp products for very good prices.


Thanks for reading!