Sanctuary spa, Covent Garden- 5 minute thermal detox mask


Boy, have I needed this recently!
Christmas time always means far too much chocolate, more alcohol, more occasions to wear excessive make up and to let your skin care routine slip.
I’ve ticked all these boxes and now my skin is suffering.
I’ve always struggled with my skin and have to be very careful and have a skin care routine that I stick to, but we will leave that to another post!

I always reach for this mask when my skin feels too oily, after trips to the big smoke when your face just feels dirty from the tube and busy polluted streets or just when I feel like having my own little version of a spa treatment at home.
I usually apply after I’ve been in the shower so my pores have opened and my face is slightly damp. I apply generously over my face making sure I’ve paid particular attention to areas I know are troublesome. It heats up instantly but without the feeling that your face is going to melt! Just enough so it’s comforting and relaxing.
It advises to leave for 5 minutes but I never feel likes it’s done it’s job after this amount of time so I leave for 10 minutes.
Obviously this is my personal preference and would always recommend following instructions


After about 10 minutes I remove with luke warm water and pat dry my face.
My skin feels soft and smooth and I can instantly tell all excess oil has been removed making my face look clean and fresh.

This 100 ml bottle costs £10 from boots, a price it feel isn’t too excessive for a product that does such a brilliant job, lasts a long time and is a little bit of luxury for one of those miserable rainy Monday nights that instantly perks your skin and your mood up.

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Urban Decay- Naked On The Run

It’s been a while! My aim was to attempt to post twice a week but this Christmas period has made that a little difficult. Christmas parties, christmas shopping (I always leave this to a week before, I feel I work better under pressure!) and when it came time to relax, I contracted the lergy!!

So, now I’ve had time to recuperate and the diary had eased off, my first thought was to sit down and blog about one my favourite Christmas presents I received this year.



As soon I saw this, I needed to have it in my life! I mean just look at it!

Every Urban Decay product I have owned, I have loved and been so impressed, that I knew this wouldn’t disappoint.

The palette contains a travel sized Perversion mascara, 24/7 glide- on eye pencil in Stag, a full sized Naked lipgloss in Sesso, a lovely dark pink berry shade, five eyeshadows and Naked flushed- a matte bronzed, blusher and highlighter.


The five eyeshadows are new to the Urban Decay range and are all a bronzed, neutral shade, with two matte shades and three shimmer shades.

From left to right- Dive, Fix, Resist, Dare, Stun


The products are so heavily pigmented with brilliant colour pay off. You have to be careful with the blusher and bronzer as to not apply too much product and risk looking like a clown. I’ve found if I use my Real Techniques duo- fibre face brush, I can control the colour more and I like the fact the bronzer is matte, so creates a more sophisticated look without the shimmer.

I forgot how much I love the 24/7 glide-on pencil, the best kohl pencil out there, great pigment which glides on with ease. I definitely will be repurchasing different shades. Worth the money without a doubt.
Another product I will be purchasing is the Perversion mascara. I don’t think I have fallen in love with a mascara as quick as I have with this one.
Another brilliant thing about this palette Is the large mirror, I do all my make up with this mirror now!

I am so happy with this Christmas present and glad i put it top my list, the only down side is that I can’t wait to purchase more Urban Decay products!

Oh dear!

Here is the look I created with the products from the palette for Christmas Day


What other Urban Decay products would you recommend?
Merry Christmas and happy new year everybody!

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It’s all about the base

Foundation that is! Finding the perfect base to suit you, can take years and plenty of mistakes! Everyone’s skin is different and everyone requires something different from their base depending on their needs.
We’ve all been there; too much product, wrong shade, too matte, too shiny, the list is endless, but once you get it right, creating that perfect canvas for the rest of your make up becomes effortless.

These are my 3 products that I have been using almost everyday for about 2-3 years (boring I know, but as the saying goes- I like what I know and I know what I like!), I do sometimes mix things up a little but I will always go back to my favourite little trio.

I’m not going to lie as well, they are probably the three most blogged about products in the beauty world, but I think that really shows what great products they are.

Rimmel Match Perfection


Rimmel know how too make a good foundation! This products blends perfectly into your skin, I use my Real Techniques Buffing brush or Expert face brush to really achieve that flawless, I’m not wearing any foundation look. What I love about this foundation is that it’s so versatile, if I want a quick, nipping to the supermarket, can’t bear to go out without anything on my face but want something quick and light, look; this is perfect, or on the other ended of the spectrum, if I’m getting glammed up for a night out or I’m having a particularly bad spot day, this will do just the job.
My skin has always been an issue for me, suffering from cystic acne since I was about 18/19 yrs and it’s taken a long time to manage it and finally it’s settling, but this means it still can be oily, so I have to be careful with oxidation of my foundation. I haven’t found this to be an issue with the Rimmel Match Perfection, and especially if i moisturise before applying.

Because it comes in a glass bottle it feel more expensive then it is; supermarkets often price them at £5, so I stock up or Boots and Superdrug do regular 3 for 2 offers! I’ve used expensive foundations in the past such as Chanel and Estée Lauder and as brilliant as they are, for a fraction of the price I can achieve the perfect base for me, without breaking the bank.
I use shade 100 Ivory, which is probably a bit too light for me, but I am terrified of committing the beauty faux pas of the dreaded tidemark! I’d rather build colour up with a light matte bronzer then look to orangey!

I also strongly recommend their Wake Me up foundation, this is thicker in consistency as has more a dewy, glowy look to it, that again blends beautifully.

Collection Lasting Perfection Ultimate Wear Concealer


Now here’s a suprise! One of the most blogged about high street concealers, and who can blame us, for a bargain price of £4.19, it does just the trick. Covers them pesky blemishes, spots and tiresome dark circles.


I dab a little on that troublesome are and blend in using my Real Techniques Contour brush (probably not what it’s designed for but that’s why I love the Real Techniques brushes so much, they are so versatile). I use shade 1 Fair, which is again probably too light for me but I find the shade up a little to dark but as long as I blend it in enough you can’t tell.

Rimmel Stay Matte

Oh look, another suprise!! Again, this a beauty blogger winner.



I need a pressed powder to set my foundation and concealer and to combat any oily ness but although I am a massive fan of this pressed powder, I do find it dries my skin out and makes me looks a bit too matte. I have tried a few high street powders but they all equally made my face look too ‘matte’ and all came in shades which altered the colour of my foundation too much. This product is the only one I can find that comes in transparent and for a bargain price of of £3.99, it still is a great product that sets make up for all day, which is what I require from a pressed powder.
I would recommend this product over any other high street alternative but as always I am on the look out for an alternative that’s sets my make up in place all day but keeps my foundation looking fresh and not too matte! Not too much to ask hey?!

Can anyone recommend a setting powder or spray that they cannot do without? Are you a high street or a high end foundation gal?

My three hand care saviours


My job requires me to wash my hands more times then you would probably care to imagine and deal with chemicals that are drying and not so skin friendly.
My poor hands and nails take a beating, so I need a hand moisturiser that isn’t greasy or thick and leaves my hands feeling soft and supple.

He are my three hand care saviours.

Soap and glory- The Righteous Butter
Now you may say, this isn’t a hand cream. You are right, but I think it does just a good a job, it’s my go to hand cream for regular general daily use. The light creamy texture containing shea butter and aloe Vera, sinks perfectly into skin. The scent is also non offensive and subtle. This 300ml tub cost £10.50 from boots but lasts forever and even better, it doubles up as a body moisturiser! Two birds, one stone and all that jazz!!


Soap and glory- Hand food
This is my on the go, hand bag cream. This comes in a 50 ml at £2.50 or a larger version, 125 ml at £5.50. It contain Shea butter, macadamia oil and marshmallow. Not sure what exactly the marshmallow has go to do with is moisturising benefits but it works, a non greasy, light feel that leaves no residue.


The Body Shop- Hemp hand protector
This is my holy grail of hand creams. It’s a heavy duty cream that i use about once a day, usually I’m the evenings, sometimes more in the winter months and when my nails aren’t feeling particularly strong.
I started growing my nails about 3 years ago after a lifetime of biting them (horrible habit, I know), and they were constantly breaking and peeling but as soon as i started using this cream, within a week, they were so much stronger, healthier and longer.
I am going to admit, the smell isn’t for everyone but I don’t mind and actually quite like it, and I think it’s worth compromising for such healthy hands and nails.
This 100ml tube costs £10 but again lasts forever as you hardly need any on each application, or they do a handy hand bag version for £5. During the festive season, they also so gift sets containing other hemp products for very good prices.


Thanks for reading!

Too Faced – Better than sex

Better than sex- ooooo you cheeky little devil.

Well that’s what Too faced makes claims to with its new mascara. More length, volume and drama, with nourishing and thickening properties in the form of Acacia Senegal tree extract. (No, me neither!?!?)


Over the years of trial and testing mascaras, all promising to deliver that fluttery fake eyelash effect, I had settled on Maybelline, The Falsies, I hadn’t dare make a guess at how many tubes I have purchased over the past couple of years, it has been one of my must have beauty staples.

Although I am loyal to The Falsies, I am always on the look out. I always want bigger, better, longer, fluttery eyelashes but without the hassle of applying false lashes everyday or running the risk ruining my own with semi-permanent individuals. For me, mascara completes a make up look and without it, my eyes tend to disappear.

I have been gifted Too Faced bronzes and blushers before and liked them but not enough to have a look at other products, plus they are hard to find unless you buy online.
Beauty bloggers/ vloggers have mentioned this new product as well as new palettes which had caught my eye.

With previous products I had tried ( 4-5 years ago I must add), I felt the packaging to be a little tacky and maybe aimed at teenagers, although browsing their new range and by reading beauty blogging reviews, they seemed to have upped their game, eye shadows, bronzes and blushes all were packaged nicely and appeared to be a higher quality and more sophisticated.

It’s a bit more expensive then your high street drugstore buy, priced at £19. I bought mine from a concession at Debenhams who had 10% off, so I picked mine up for £17.10, not a massive saving, but hey, every little helps!


On first impressions of the mascara, the packaging feels special and the actual tube is heavy which gives the impression of a quality product and it’s bristle brush is large and full, with an hour glass shape.

On first use, it made my lashes clumpy, far too much product on the brush. I find this to be the case with any newly purchased mascara, so I tend to wipe away excess with a baby wipe. This did the trick for me, and as long as I apply with gentle strokes, it gives me my desired look that can be built up depending on what I want to achieve.

It gave a similar look to The Falsies, maybe a little more length and volume, a very dramatic look though. The intense black really does add to the drama and overall effect and is perfect for the Christmas party season.

In terms of nourishing properties, after only a week, I feel it’s a little too early to make comment, but from past experience of other products promising such things, it’s all a bit of a gimmick and I don’t expect too much from this claim!


This a brilliant product which does do what it says on the bottle, long fluttery lashes with lots of volume and drama. A product that I would recommend if your looking for something a little bit special and to treat yourself for this festive period.

Would I recommend it? Yes.

Will I repurchase again? Yes.

Will it be my new beauty staple? Maybe not.

Is it better than sex? That’s for you to decide!!

Unfortunately, the camera has not been my friend lately and I have struggled to get a picture that really shows off this product, but I will endeavour to get one. This is not a reflection on the mascara, but just my poor photography skills!

Anyone got a favourite mascara that they couldn’t live without?
Look out for a blog coming soon on my nourishing skin saviour for dry, cracking hands.

Max Factor Excess shimmer


I love a cream eyeshadow and especially the Maybelline 24hr colour tattoo. I use them on days where I want some drama but haven’t got the time for a full on eye, with different shades and contouring. I am always on the lookout for another high street version of these that tick the same boxes.

The Max Factor Excess shimmer pots are new on the shelfs with a choice of 6 shades, priced at £7.99 each. I picked up the shade -20 copper, the other shades included a silver, lilac, white with a hint of green, gold and black.



The mousse like texture is light and fluffy with great pigment. I gently applied to my eyelid with my index finger and blended out using a real techniques eyeshadow brush, there is plenty of time to work with product before it sets into a powder. This could be left as it is or as a base.


Although it did start to crease towards the end of the day, the colour was still present and I simply blended it back in with my fingers using gently pressure.

I am happy with this purchase, the shade is perfect for me, it is well pigmented and is easy to use. I will probably purchase the gold shade but I’m afraid the other shades are not to my liking as I prefer more sophisticated neutral shades.

A thumbs up from me!

Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet

Red lipstick is my beauty nemesis. There I said it, that classic red lip that screams glamour, is a look that i so admire but rarely wear.

I will spend a tedious amount of time, lining my lips, filling them in with a pencil, carefully applying the most gorgeous lipstick, and no matter what I do, drink through a straw, eat as lady like as possible, (quite a challenge for myself I must say!) an hour later and the colour has bled, I’ve got it on my chin, and only colour is on the edges of my lips.

Bourjois is not a brand I have used a lot in the past, but the beauty bloggin’ world has been loving the new Rouge Edition Velvets, a long lasting lip stain with vibrant colour pay off.
On a recent trip to boots I checked out there colour range and decided on the deepest red – 08 Grand Cru.


I was impressed!
It is a doe foot applicator and the velvet texture consistency glides on perfectly.

The colour is a deep red with a slight berry tone, perfect for them Christmas parties and it got plenty of compliments throughout the day.


It did not budge all day! Two meals, numerous cups of tea, 8 hours at work and it was going nowhere.
Even after cleansing, it was still present, and an acceptable colour to wear.

I am well and truly sold on these little gems and shall be repurchasing more from the colour range, and at a bargain price of £8.99, you can’t go wrong!