Burying my head…

In a good book that is……

Sometimes I despair at myself. I hate how reliant I have become on technology and gadgets. Throughout my life there is nothing better I have loved doing then  loosing endless hours with my head in a book. 

I can easily whizz through a good read in one week and when I go holiday I will quite happily sacrifice that extra bikini I won’t wear for another book. I take about five books for a week and even then, I panic that I will get through them all before the week is up. 

But for the last year or so, I have struggled to pick up one book and settle down for night with a good read. Nowadays I will endlessly scroll away on my IPad, until the late hours. Clicking back and forth between, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Buzzfeed, you name it. And don’t get me started on Netflix! And then when I finally admit defeat and flick the light off for the night,my mind is racing, unable to settle. 

I desperately need to change this ever so unproductive habit and start to fill my head with something more meaningful, ( don’t be fooled though, I raced my way through 50 shades of gray, although towards the end I was just wishing the torture to end)

That’s not to say I haven’t abandoned my love affair with books completely, I have still managed to expand my collection and my bed side tower has continued to grow considerably. And if ever on a Saturday afternoon galavanting around town, I will quietly slip away from the hustle and bustle of the high street and seek calm and serenity in a book shop. There is something relaxing about being surrounded by thousands of cleanly pressed bound pages that draws me in and reduces any stress or anxiety. 

So, when on a sunny quiet Saturday afternoon I found myself at a loose end, I picked up a book that was begining to collect dust from the tower,plonked myself in my garden with a cup of tea in hand and let the hours till by as I started my love affair yet again.


Feeling empowered.


We’ve all been there. Getting sucked into the daily commute, doing a 9-5 in at job we know like the back of our hands.  For some people,  as long as they have a job they reasonably enjoy and earn enough to pay bills and have an acceptable social life, that is all they could ask for. And why should it not, happiness is key in life. 

My career in dental nursing started at the age of 17. At 16 years old and doing my GCSE’s, all I was concerned about was passing with a reasonable grade. I had no idea where I wanted my life to lead me but all I knew is that University wasn’t for me. Luckily, I passed my exams and secured a place at my secondary’s school 6th form, I’d originally wanted to do English literature but I was one grade off so was pushed towards my second choice, Health and social care, and till this day, have no idea why I thought this would be a good idea. I had no interest in this subject and felt no need to work in the care sector. 

After a year of being utterly miserable doing a subject I hated and still no indication of what career I wanted, my Dad who was doing building work on local Dental practice and persuaded me to hand in a CV and luckily enough I got the job as a trainee Dental nurse. 

It was never meant to be long term option for me, earn a little bit of money and earn a qualification in the mean time if I ever was in need of a job, whilst planning and  searching for my life long career. Well… here I am 8 years later, and as much as I hate to admit it; deep down I am passionate about Dental nursing. 

Almost every dental nurse I speak to will say the same thing;  ‘ im bored’, ‘ I feel underappreciated’, ‘ people only think of me a spit sucker’. 

Dental nurses are a registered professional who have to by law register with a national governing body (in our case the GDC), we have to make sure as a professional we are up to date with new guidelines protocols and have to have verified records of this. We have to be competent in CPR and feel competent to deal with a medical emergency. On a daily basis we provide a clean surgery that works professionally. 

But whilst on the whole I am proud of my profession and believe it such one that although can be taught to a standard that is acceptable and only a few can excel in and prove there worth, it is not taken seriously.

On a regular basis when meeting new people who enquire as to my job, I am taken aback with comments such as, ‘ so you want to be a dentist?’ , ‘so your the one who writes down the numbers’ or ‘ your the one who has the hoover’  or my favourite ‘ why would you want to do that’ and ‘but your just a dental nurse’ . 

No, I don’t want to be dentist, yes I write down the numbers, and the compicated dental/medical jargon that I fully understand and have hadn’t had to have 5 years training on. Yes, I am the one with Hoover but I could just let your drown, oh and maybe not protect you tongue from sharp objects flying about. Yes, I do want to do this job and yes I enjoy it. And finally, yes I am dental nurse, but I’m a bloody good one at that. 

But sometimes, I do admit, I do JUST feel like a dental nurse. Sometimes you can work for wonderful dentist who really make you feel your worth and sometimes you can work with dentist (generally the older generation) who make you feel small, inadequate and unworthy of progressing further. And sometimes you can treat a patient for 6 years, they have managed to inadvertently spit on you on several occasions, you have given them invaluable advise and they still won’t know your name or say thank you and walk straight past you like you don’t exist. 

I’ve beginning to feel the latter more frequently of late. After 8 years, I know my job like the back of my hand. I could mix materials with my eyes closed and although I hate to admit it, if I closed my eyes I can picture some of the regular patients mouths in my head, I’ve seen enough fillings, extractions and root canal treatments that I think if I was to attempt one myself, I wouldn’t do to bad of a job ( don’t worry, I’m not stupid, this isn’t going to happen, I don’t fancy being struck off the register any time soon!). 

For me, who unlike more people my age, is not concerned with getting marred or having children right this second, the desire and need to push myself to achieve a lifelong career in something I’m passionate about is.

Today I attended a course called ‘Extended duties for dental nurses’ and I walked away after 6 hours feeling like I could take on world. I walked away knowing that feeling inadequate as a dental nurse is only a state of mind as proved by the two speakers who each had a CV that I could only dreaming of having. 

They showed us that we have every opportunity to learn skills that can benefit patient, practice and ourselves.  


They showed us we are not just dental nurses, we are not just the ones with Hoover and no we didn’t fail at being a dentist, we won at being a dental nurse! 

Current Favourites


Finally after a rather busy start to the year, i finally have chance to sit and commit time to writing a blog post. With only one, yes one blog post written this year, i feel i have neglected this part of my life that i so enjoyed.

From the moment 2015 kicked off, i have been ill. Whether it be sinusitis, a urinary tract infection (too much info?!?), the worst flu i have ever known, then my sacroiliac joint played havoc and migraines, which seem to be a more common occurrence of late, something that i hope will settle. If anyone suffers with migraines, you will feel my pain. (I may even do a blog post on triggers and how to deal with an attack). Lets just say, paracetamol and ibuprofen have become my best friends and allies (so much that they almost made it into this fav’s blog post!) this year but i am hoping that i have had my fair share  already of illness’ and that the coming months will be healthy.

So on to the favourites (lets just face it, thats why your reading)

I don’t purchase enough new products every month (although i would love to go crazy in Boots every month, my bank balance would not appreciate such things),  but i am hoping to do a current favourite’s maybe every 3-4 months.

Soap and glory – Clean girls body wash.


I featured soap and glory body washes in my last haul post and they didn’t disappoint. They are expensive for a body wash but they last well over a month (i’d even go as far to say they last almost 2 months) so you defiantly get your moneys worth.

Garnier Ultimate blends, Shampoo and conditioners


Over the winter months i was becoming fed up and frustrated with my hair. I have blonde ombre’d highlights, so i expect the ends to be slightly damaged and to need more attention. But whatever i used was in vain, my hair would feel silky soft for about two hours and then it would turn into a frizzy mess that i would just shove it into a ponytail and attempt to ignore . I was desperate to find my hair miracle. Along came these beauties. The Garnier Ultimate blends come in various forms and concoctions depending on what you require, whether it be for coloured hair, weak, brittle hair, split ends or like me a frizzy mess. I have tried several and each have delivered in achieving sleek shiny hair that feels conditioned. I will be sticking with this little treasure for a long time, and my cupboards are already stocked up.

Garnier Ultimate Blends- The marvellous glow oil


This has been the only hair oil that I enjoy using on my hair. I think the main reason why I like it so much is that’s it’s a pump dispenser, making it much more easier to control the amount you need. Other oils I have used have just been a case of tipping out and hoping half the bottle doesn’t come flying out.

After towel drying my hair, I pump 1-2 times onto my palm, rub between both hands and spread evenly through the length of my hair.  I really notice if I don’t use this, as it definitely makes my hair feel so such more smoother and look sleeker.

Chanel-Soleil tan de Chanel -Sheer illuminating fluid- sunkissed.

P1030387 P1030385

I was gifted this by a friend a few years ago for a birthday and tended to only use it for special occasions mixed in with my foundation or whilst on holiday to give me that extra holiday glow.  But I have found myself reaching for it a bit more often recently due to the nice spring weather we have been experiencing and wanting to freshen up my make up routine/look.

Dove Original Anti-perspirant


I have for some years, had really dry arm pits that had an uneven colour to them and I put this down to dryness. I have always used spray Anti-perspirant but this year I was determined to keep my armpits nourished and moisturised as they had started to become sore and cracked. So far, using a moisturising roll- on deodorant seems to be doing the job.

Urban Decay, potion primer in Sin


I have been loving this primer to create a quick eye look. Just a little bit of this all over the lid, a soft matte or shimmery brown through the crease, blend out and done. As simple as that but creates a look that appears a lot of time and effort has gone into creating.

Bourjois Rouge edition velvet- Nude-ist

I was completely sold on the first one of these i bought but the dramatic red wasn’t very wearable for everyday life, so had a look at their range for a more neutral, everyday shade.  I wear this colour practically everyday without fail and it compliments and completes any outfit and make up look. The staying power; as with the red, is great and survives through several cups of tea and food.

Revlon just bitten kissable lip balm stain-Honey

Whoa, what a mouth full! This is much loved as you can tell by the lack of writing on the packaging! I have been wearing this whenever i don’t wear my Bourjois Rouge Edition. It is so moisturising and keeps my lips feeling soft all day.


Update and Haul

Its been a little while; almost a month to be exact. I’ve been spending almost all my free time doing my post qualification course portfolio and revising for an exam, so i’m afraid any blogging has taken a back seat, but hopefully in a month when its all over (fingers crossed i pass the exam of course!), i will be back to weekly posts.

Yesterday, i took some time out from staring at the computer screen and took a trip 70 mile trip up north to Leeds along with my boyfriend, Becky’s place (check her out, she has a cracking Emma Bridgewater collection- not jealous at all) and her hubby. The boys were in search of new suits for upcoming job interviews, but i thought it’d be rude not to do a little shopping for myself!

Leeds is such fantastic city, great selection of shops and restaurants and plenty of things to do. We have considered moving there but maybe when we are proper grown ups

But anyway, on to what I purchased. All of these bits were things I had being eyeing up for a while or repurchasing items that I had used up.


Charlotte Tilbury- The Dolce Vita- Eye shadow qaud


Who hasn’t dream’t of owning  any of Charlotte Tilburys make up. Everything about it is beautiful and as i had the perfect opportunity in Harvey Nichols yesterday, i couldn’t help myself.


Look how beautiful it is!!

This is pretty pricey at £38 and don’t intend on using it everyday, just for them special occasions as it is expensive and the shades create a very dramatic look.

Soap and Glory


A friend of mine of got me a mini’s set of Soap and glory products for my birthday last month and it reminded me of how lovely there products are, so i took advantage of Boots 3 for 2 offer.

I got Clean on me shower gel, Clean girls shower gel and Glad hair conditioner as my hair is so dry at the ends at minute so am getting through conditioner like nobody’s business.

Body shop honey bronze- 02


As you could probably tell from a previous blog post, i was hitting pan on my favorite bronzer so i thought it was about time to repurchase. My previous one was pretty battered but it had lasted me about 8-9 months using it everyday and is the perfect shade to take you all through the year; build able in the summer months but then provides just a light coverage in the winter just to brighten up the skin on dull miserable days.

Next Dress


This isn’t the dress i had gone into Next to buy, but the particular Next i went into didn’t have it, but it did have this one, which i thought would be perfect for going into spring to pair with some leggings and light jacket or cardigan. Plus i had a £10 voucher taking this dress from £25 to £15! Even better!

I can’t wait to get back into weekly blogging and already have a notebook full of post ideas, i’m also wanting to mix it up a little with a few lifestyle posts which I hope you will enjoy

My current everyday make up routine

This is look i have been reaching for during the working week recently, one i feel that is appropriate for my job role.

My job as a Dental Nurse isn’t glamorous.  I wont go into too much detail, but it wouldn’t be proper week at work if someone has missed the bowl and aimed some sort of bodily fluid in my direction. Enough said. So to counter act this not so glamorous role, i like to make sure at least my make up is looking good and i am happy with the look i am wearing.

A few pieces in my current make up look are long term beauty staples in my make up bag, whereas a few are new bits i have picked up in the past month that have quick become new favorites.


Bourjois healthy mix foundation. 

In one of my previous posts i had talked about my love of the Rimmel Match perfection, which although will still always be a firm favorite of mine, i had read a few blog post and you tube beauty vids raving about this foundation. By what i could gather is what very similar to the Rimmel wake me up,  promising that healthy glow, and boy does my skin need some pick me up in these cold, dark winter months. I popped myself off down to Boots and selected the shade No 52 Vanilla. As soon as i applied this foundation i fell in love, the application, consistency, coverage, shade and staying power were perfect for me. I was surprised by how healthy and glowing my skin looked while wearing this foundation and i have received so many compliments about my make up recently and i put it down to this little gem. It provides a light to medium coverage that is buildable depending what look you want to achieve. I was so impressed with this product that on my next trip to Boots (which if i’m honest, is a couple of times a week. Is there some kind of Boots anonymous? I need help) i picked up the Bourjois healthy mix radiance and anti-fatigue concealer. I am yet to try this, but i’m sure if its as good as the foundation i wont be disappointed


To conceal I will use the Collection Lasting perfection concealer in shade 1 fair and set i will use my old trusty Rimmel stay matte powder in shade Transparent. 

Click this link to a previous blog post about these products i did.

I struggle with bronzers, most are too orange or too “sparkly” as i like to describe them, leaving me feel that i look like im going to a 90’s school disco. So when i stumble across this Body shop honey bronzer in shade 02, a light, subtle,  matte bronzer with no “sparkly” bits in, i knew i had cracked my bronzing dilemma.  Mine is very much worn, with a detached mirror and sadly ive hit pan, but that only means another trip to the Body shop to pick up a new one/ pick up more make up i don’t need. Body shop anonymous anyone?


On another cheeky visit to Boots (i need shares in this place, seriously) whilst browsing the Bourjois counter, i noticed this ever so gorgeous blusher in 34 Golden Rose. This is a vibrant pink shade with flecks of gold which reminds of the  Benefit Rockateur  but at fraction of the price. It gives the cheeks lovely healthy glow that sits perfectly with the Healthy mix foundation. It comes with a little brush which i don’t use but would be perfect for  travel make up or for touch ups.


In the past i have not been one to wear eye shadow during the week and would always save it for weekends, but i have recently been reaching for my favorite Maybelline 24 hour colour tattoo in shade On and on bronze for a bit of extra glamour.  The application is so easy and if your really in a rush, you can easily blend with a finger without a brush. Also i love that this product is buildable. You can achieve a subtle look or quite a dramatic look with more product and the staying power is brilliant.

I then line with my current favorite eyeliner, Urban decay 24/7 glide on eye-pencil – Stag. From my Naked on the run  palette.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAFor brows, im all about the lazyness.I cannot be doing with powder and wax at 7 am. So i have pulled out of the depths on my make up collection the Maybelline BROW drama.  A simple brow mascara in medium brown, that literally take 60 seconds to apply and keep my ever so unruly brows in one place all day.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI, SophieNicsBits, am i mascara whore. *crying face*  Okay, maybe a little too dramatic but my mascara game in on point at moment. As discussed in a previous post i have stuck with my olde’ trusty favorite, the Maybelline the falsies for many a year, but now i have four little devils on the go that i select randomly each day that all deliver.

Too faced better than sex

Urban Decay perversionOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Maybelline the falsies

Lancome mascara volume (sample size)

Does anyone else tend to stick with the same make up look or switch it up everyday? Is it me, or does anyone else feel guilty for there old make up when they find a new favorite? Like its cheating or something? Okay, maybe just me! *insert crazy eyes here*. 

Would love to hear from you in comments .

Sally Hansen- Insta-Dri

I am the MOST impatient person when it comes to painting my nails. Why does the nail Polish take so long to dry, I want it to be a 5 minute job so I can get on with the day but if I don’t wait enough time it smudges as soon as i sneeze, and if I can’t fix that smudge as soon as if appears the frustration in me grows so much that it can alter my mood altogether! Clearly a first world problem that needs a solution!! I want and NEED a polish or topcoat that is going to speed the set and promises not chip and smudge at the slightest touch.

Enter Sally Hansen- Insta Dry to save the day.


As soon as I used this, I fell in love. After applying two coats of any of my favourite nail polishes, I wait 2-3 minutes; the longer the better, brush this over my nail and wait a minute for it to set and my nails feel bone dry and hard as nails and I can get on my day admiring my beautifully painted nails.

I am usually the type of girl that reaches for bright, vibrant shades; anything from oranges, pinks, blues, greens. But more recently I’ve been picking up the more neutral, muted shades such as this Essie- Chinchilly, or another favourite of mine Essie-Sand Tropez.





I love the application and consistency of Essie nail polishes and combined with the Sally Hansen top coat, my nails stay chip free. I cannot guarantee weeks of chip free nails but it certainly keep chips at bay for a 2-3 more days then other top coats I have used.

Although I love the Sally Hansen- Insta Dri top coat, I do also feel to you have to combine it with the correct nail polish. I recently used it on a Barry M polish in the beautiful shade Vintage Violet, which I had hunted high and low for but was sold out almost everywhere. And it was an appalling finish, smudged instantly and I hated the brush, that not even the top coat could rescue that manicure!

I am so impressed with this little gem from Sally Hansen that I will definitely be making a cheeky little visit to Boots to check out more of the range!

A winters walk

During mine and my boyfriends Christmas break we seemed to have achieved nothing apart from, napping, gaining a few Christmas pounds and coughing and sneezing for a good 10-14 days. We needed a day out in the fresh air to blow the cobwebs out so we decided on Belton house in Grantham, Lincolnshire, not far from where we lived. Also a prefect opportunity to make use of my National Trust membership that was rarely used last year.

We wrapped up warm and donned our comfy shoes and walked in the grounds surrounded by deer grazing in the crisp winter air.