Burying my head…

In a good book that is……

Sometimes I despair at myself. I hate how reliant I have become on technology and gadgets. Throughout my life there is nothing better I have loved doing then  loosing endless hours with my head in a book. 

I can easily whizz through a good read in one week and when I go holiday I will quite happily sacrifice that extra bikini I won’t wear for another book. I take about five books for a week and even then, I panic that I will get through them all before the week is up. 

But for the last year or so, I have struggled to pick up one book and settle down for night with a good read. Nowadays I will endlessly scroll away on my IPad, until the late hours. Clicking back and forth between, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Buzzfeed, you name it. And don’t get me started on Netflix! And then when I finally admit defeat and flick the light off for the night,my mind is racing, unable to settle. 

I desperately need to change this ever so unproductive habit and start to fill my head with something more meaningful, ( don’t be fooled though, I raced my way through 50 shades of gray, although towards the end I was just wishing the torture to end)

That’s not to say I haven’t abandoned my love affair with books completely, I have still managed to expand my collection and my bed side tower has continued to grow considerably. And if ever on a Saturday afternoon galavanting around town, I will quietly slip away from the hustle and bustle of the high street and seek calm and serenity in a book shop. There is something relaxing about being surrounded by thousands of cleanly pressed bound pages that draws me in and reduces any stress or anxiety. 

So, when on a sunny quiet Saturday afternoon I found myself at a loose end, I picked up a book that was begining to collect dust from the tower,plonked myself in my garden with a cup of tea in hand and let the hours till by as I started my love affair yet again.


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