Sally Hansen- Insta-Dri

I am the MOST impatient person when it comes to painting my nails. Why does the nail Polish take so long to dry, I want it to be a 5 minute job so I can get on with the day but if I don’t wait enough time it smudges as soon as i sneeze, and if I can’t fix that smudge as soon as if appears the frustration in me grows so much that it can alter my mood altogether! Clearly a first world problem that needs a solution!! I want and NEED a polish or topcoat that is going to speed the set and promises not chip and smudge at the slightest touch.

Enter Sally Hansen- Insta Dry to save the day.


As soon as I used this, I fell in love. After applying two coats of any of my favourite nail polishes, I wait 2-3 minutes; the longer the better, brush this over my nail and wait a minute for it to set and my nails feel bone dry and hard as nails and I can get on my day admiring my beautifully painted nails.

I am usually the type of girl that reaches for bright, vibrant shades; anything from oranges, pinks, blues, greens. But more recently I’ve been picking up the more neutral, muted shades such as this Essie- Chinchilly, or another favourite of mine Essie-Sand Tropez.





I love the application and consistency of Essie nail polishes and combined with the Sally Hansen top coat, my nails stay chip free. I cannot guarantee weeks of chip free nails but it certainly keep chips at bay for a 2-3 more days then other top coats I have used.

Although I love the Sally Hansen- Insta Dri top coat, I do also feel to you have to combine it with the correct nail polish. I recently used it on a Barry M polish in the beautiful shade Vintage Violet, which I had hunted high and low for but was sold out almost everywhere. And it was an appalling finish, smudged instantly and I hated the brush, that not even the top coat could rescue that manicure!

I am so impressed with this little gem from Sally Hansen that I will definitely be making a cheeky little visit to Boots to check out more of the range!

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