My three hand care saviours


My job requires me to wash my hands more times then you would probably care to imagine and deal with chemicals that are drying and not so skin friendly.
My poor hands and nails take a beating, so I need a hand moisturiser that isn’t greasy or thick and leaves my hands feeling soft and supple.

He are my three hand care saviours.

Soap and glory- The Righteous Butter
Now you may say, this isn’t a hand cream. You are right, but I think it does just a good a job, it’s my go to hand cream for regular general daily use. The light creamy texture containing shea butter and aloe Vera, sinks perfectly into skin. The scent is also non offensive and subtle. This 300ml tub cost £10.50 from boots but lasts forever and even better, it doubles up as a body moisturiser! Two birds, one stone and all that jazz!!


Soap and glory- Hand food
This is my on the go, hand bag cream. This comes in a 50 ml at £2.50 or a larger version, 125 ml at £5.50. It contain Shea butter, macadamia oil and marshmallow. Not sure what exactly the marshmallow has go to do with is moisturising benefits but it works, a non greasy, light feel that leaves no residue.


The Body Shop- Hemp hand protector
This is my holy grail of hand creams. It’s a heavy duty cream that i use about once a day, usually I’m the evenings, sometimes more in the winter months and when my nails aren’t feeling particularly strong.
I started growing my nails about 3 years ago after a lifetime of biting them (horrible habit, I know), and they were constantly breaking and peeling but as soon as i started using this cream, within a week, they were so much stronger, healthier and longer.
I am going to admit, the smell isn’t for everyone but I don’t mind and actually quite like it, and I think it’s worth compromising for such healthy hands and nails.
This 100ml tube costs £10 but again lasts forever as you hardly need any on each application, or they do a handy hand bag version for £5. During the festive season, they also so gift sets containing other hemp products for very good prices.


Thanks for reading!

3 thoughts on “My three hand care saviours

  1. I’m grateful that my job doesn’t require quite so much hand-washing 😉 But my 1 year old does! And I have to agree that the Body Shop hemp hand cream is AMAZING. I don’t quite like the smell but the quality is worth it 🙂

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